Leetcode - 167: Two Sum II

The Two sum II problem is the extension of the Two Sum problem which can be solved using the pointers technique


As seen in the question Two Sum in Python using dictionary given a list of integers and a target integer the algorithm needs to return the indices of two numbers which can be added to get the target. Here the only change is the given list is sorted in ascending order which can be used as an advantage.

Two Sum II


Given an array of integers numbers that is already sorted in ascending order, find two numbers such that they add up to a specific target number.

Return the indices of the two numbers (1-indexed) as an integer array answer of size 2, where 1 <= answer[0] < answer[1] <= numbers.length.

The bruteforce solution will be same as the one in the previous blog.

Solution and Explanation

def twoSum(numbers, target):

    left_ptr = 0
    right_ptr = len(numbers) - 1

    while left_ptr < right_ptr:

        current_sum = numbers[right_ptr] + numbers[left_ptr]

        if current_sum > target:

            right_ptr -= 1

        elif current_sum < target:

            left_ptr += 1


            return [left_ptr + 1, right_ptr + 1]


As the numbers list is sorted we can use the one pass two pointer method wherein we can start with two different pointers one from the start of the list and anoter from the end.

The logic becomes more simpler. We just need to move the pointers based on the sum of the values of their indices.

If the sum is higher than the given target than move the right pointer towards the left i.e. right_ptr -= 1.

If the sum is lesser than the target then we need to move the left pointer towards the rigth i.e. left_ptr += 1.

The only condition left is when the sum is equal to the given target and as mentioned in the problem we need to return 1-indexed of the two indices. Hence, we will add 1 to both the left_ptr and right_ptr.

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